Following her spectacular debut last week, Wonder Woman has retained the top spot at the US box office with an estimated $57 million.

Last weekend, Wonder Woman crushed the $65 million estimate that box office analysts had forecast and launched with a massive $103 million. Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman broke box office records for a female directed motion picture, and finally gave the DCEU a thunderously entertaining movie. Don't let the glumness of the previous films in DC's expanded universe put you off; Wonder Woman is good old fashioned fun, and the sequel can't arrive soon enough. Taking more than $230 from the international box office so far, Wonder Woman has a current global tally of more than $435 million.

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The first entry in Universal's Dark Universe came in second place with a less than expected $32 million for the Tom Cruise led reboot of The Mummy. There's no dressing up the fact that this is well below what Universal had been hoping for, and it's not the start their ambitious shared universe needed. To put that in perspective, the belated sequel The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor managed a $40 million opening back in 2008. Even The Scorpion King spin-off clocked up $36 million on launch weekend in 2002.

In recent years, Cruise has struggled to score a bonafide hit outside of the Mission Impossible franchise. Two Jack Reachers, Oblivion, Rock of Ages and the sorely underrated Edge of Tomorrow failed to make an impact at the US box office. While it might have come up short domestically, Cruise is still a big international movie star, and The Mummy pulled in more than $142 million.

Even if The Mummy manages to be a global hit, its tepid US launch should serve as a cautionary tale to studios that putting the future of an already in production multi-movie franchise on a single film might not be the best idea. Every studio wants to emulate what Marvel has done with The Avengers with their shared universe properties. Unfortunately, all of them are cutting corners and are trying to expedite the process by cramming too much into one movie. Which is another thing I loved about Wonder Woman, there was no shortage of Easter Eggs, but Jenkins told a mostly self-contained story.

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