Warner Bros has confirmed that the sequel to Wonder Woman will be released in cinemas on December 13, 2019.

We can all agree that the DC Extended Universe didn't get off to the best of starts with a triple whammy of polarising movies. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad might have made stacks of cash, but the good will of the DCEU was running dangerously low. I was beginning to wonder (pun intended) if this shared DC cinematic world was capable of producing a good movie, that question was definitively answered with a resounding yes with the release of Wonder Woman.

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Outperforming Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad at the domestic box office, Wonder Woman surpassed all expectations and won itself a legion of fans all over the globe. Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman proved the DCEU wasn't all misanthropic gloom; it could be fun, emotional, compelling, and above all, entertaining. Grossing a whopping $781 million (and counting), Wonder Woman has been a financial and creative win for Warner Bros/DC with critics lavishing praise on Jenkins and star Gal Gadot.

Not much is known about the sequel, there has been rumours that the follow-up will be set in the 80s with Chris Pine back to play a descendant of his character (Steve Trevor) from the first film. While plot details are sparse, Patty Jenkins is currently in talks with the studio to direct the sequel, and she's writing the script alongside DC's Films' co-head Geoff Johns. It has also been reported that owing to Wonder Woman's success, the Justice League reshoots (currently being overseen by Joss Whedon) will include more scenes with Gadot's Diana Prince. More Wonder Woman in Justice League can only be a good thing.

Warner Bros has announced plenty of forthcoming DC releases with Flashpoint, The Batman, Batgirl, Justice League Dark, Green Lantern Corps, Gotham City Sirens, and Suicide Squad 2. However, only Aquaman, Justice League and now, Wonder Woman 2 have been given official release dates so far.

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