It may be easier not to remember the actors of Batman especially those we were crowned the heroes until the arrival of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, where Ben Affleck gave us a run for our imaginations. The review of the movie is amazing because of the stunning plot that the movie has. Affleck is not the only one who has been featured as Batman but, he commands a lot of admirations around the world for his role. Only time that will tell who is going to be the best Batman in the league of these actors.

Here are the top 5 actors who played Batman:

Ben Affleck: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016

Before one can take up the role of Batman role, the person must undergo scrutiny. Ben Affleck who has gained popularity in the social media as a superstar did not find it difficult to blend perfectly in the role. He had stacked cards that were up against him, and when he got the role, people waited to see what will become of the movie. He stunned everyone with the way he took care of the role and also the criticism slowly died. He had represented his character very well, and most of Batman’s fans cannot wait for him to be featured in some DC Comics films soon.

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Val Kilmer: Batman Forever (1995)

Val Kilmer didn’t disappoint us when he replaced Michael Keaton. He was sleek and smoother when it comes to his style. The audiences were deeply in love with him. The amount of money made from Batman Forever was more than the one made in Batman Returns. He could have gained more popularity in the world if he had played another Batman franchise  

Adam West: Batman TV show (1966)

This Batman movie was released by 20th Century Fox. Adam West came out to give us something to always remember him. He gave his character a perfect boost, which was child-friendly and his squeaky clean persona was something that made people him the most. His fighting was not as great as that of Val and Affleck.

Christian Bale: Batman Begins (2005); The Dark Knight (2008); The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Christian Bale dedication to his role has remained unquestionable. His acting was amazing. This was the reason he was able to deliver the Batman roles perfectly in three movies. You can never understand his next move which was what endeared him the more to his fans. 

Michael Keaton: Batman (1989); Batman Returns (1992)

Michael Keaton was one of Warner Bros biggest gamble when he was featured. Keaton was known for his great work as a comedian in his movies. He has lashed angrily when he was announced for the Batman role. However, Keaton had to prove everyone wrong with what he presented to the public. He had acted as a mysterious and dark character, which was unable to keep the fans from laughing. He was the one who had paved the way for others to advance their act. He was confident of what he was doing that you could feel that no foe was going to bring him down.

There are other actors who have played Batman. The other actors are good and have their own amazing spirits and roles. However, the following actors are among our top 5 actors who played Batman. These men are seasoned and understand what it means to drive a message home to their faithful audience, not without helping the movie companies make so much money. What do you think of these actors?

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