A week after its impressive international release, Thor Ragnorak claimed the US top spot with a godly $122.7 million for the weekend. Ranking as the seventh biggest opening for an MCU title, Ragnorak eclipsed the launch of the previous Thor sequel (The Dark World) by more than $35 million.

Directed by Taika Waititi, Ragnorak is easily the best of the three Thor solo movies, and it might just surpass the Guardians as the funniest Marvel film to date. A light touch and the inclusion of Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) has helped refresh the franchise, and Marvel would be crazy not to snap up Waititi for a multi-picture deal.

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The God of Thunder dominated the global box office with more than $308 million taken internationally for an almighty running total of $430 million worldwide.

A Bad Moms Christmas came in second place with a five-day weekend (thanks to an early release on Wednesday) of $21.2 million. The sequel to last summer's sleeper hit arrives sixteen months after the first film debuted to $23 million and went to gross more than $113 million domestically. Add almost $70 million from the rest of the world and Bad Moms generated a healthy profit for the $20 million budgeted comedy. While it remains to be seen of A Bad Moms Christmas will have the staying power of its predecessor, a lack of festively-themed comedies for adults could work in its favour.

The only other new release was Rob Renier's drama LBJ starring Woody Harelson as US President Lyndon B. Johnson. LBJ missed out on the top ten owing to showing on fewer screens than the other two new releases, already hotly tipped as a strong contender for Best Actor at The Academy Awards, LBJ could only manage an opening weekend of $1.1 million.

After an underwhelming launch last weekend, Jigsaw dropped dramatically with a second-weekend haul $6.7 million. The rebooted (but not at all rebooted) horror franchise has grossed $28 million in the US so far, and about the same from the international box office. Thanks to a slender $10 million budget, Jigsaw will emerge a success, but more disturbingly we could very well get a sequel.

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