Marvel's Thor Ragnarokremained at the top of the US box office fending off new releases Daddy's Home 2 and Murder on The Orient Express. Ragnarok banked more than $56 million over the weekend for a current US total of $211 million since its release on November 3. So, in just under two weeks, Ragnorok has crushed the $206 million US total of the previous Thor solo movie (The Dark World).

The rest of the world is still flocking to see Chris Hemsworth's new haircut, taking a mighty $438 million internationally, Ragnarok has now amassed more than $650 million worldwide. Next stop, fully paid-up membership to The $1 Billion Club.

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Daddy's Home 2 came in second place with an estimated $30 million. The sequel to 2015's hit comedy reunites Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg with John Lithgow and Mel Gibson joining the cast as their Dads. Two years ago, Daddy's Home launched over Christmas with $38 million for an eye-popping total of $150 million in the US. Add to that a respectable $92 million from the rest of the world, and Daddy's Home emerged as the biggest live-action comedy for Ferrell, read into that what you may.

Third place went to Kenneth Branagh's lavish remake of Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. Building momentum thanks to a sterling launch in the UK, Branagh's old school murder mystery took $28.6 million for its US debut. That's a solid opening weekend for a film aimed at an older audience, and a whole lot better than the $20 million first frame that had been previously forecast.

This Friday sees the Justice League unite in cinemas with the aptly titled Justice League. Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, and (spoiler alert) Henry Cavill team-up as their respective superheroes to take on Steppenwolf. Joss Whedon took over directing from Zack Snyder after a family tragedy, it remains unclear how much of the movie has been reworked, but Whedon did enough to earn a writer's credit so it must be of some significance.

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