Samuel Peters (Edward Furlong) a once ordinary man becomes distraught when his wife succumbs to an illness. Suffering from such grief he toys with the supernatural, striking a deal with the god of malevolence Kalfu (Corey Feldman), Samuel unwittingly strikes a bargain that could destroy the human race.

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When the zombie apocalypse arrives, I just hope to god I am not stuck with the idiots featured in The Zombie King. It sounds harsh but every geek on the planet has an idea of how they'll escape the zombie plague but this lot, even when they know they're dealing with the undead, they wander back to make sure stuff is as it should be or they choose routes which in themselves look ominous and truly give them no cover at all.

This is a story of survivors who appear to be running from a humanity struck down by chronic anaemia, these zombies are not scary or challenging, they're just pale and grumpy! Some of them don't even look anaemic, including the first child zombie we encounter who is so fresh faced the only way to tell she's one of the undead is the trickle of blood on her chin. She's the neatest human eater in the zombie nation!

The writers of The Zombie King; Lisa Carhia, Jennifer Chippindale, Rebecca-Clare Evans and George McCluskey, three of which feature heavily in the film really don't know which sub genre wave they want to ride. Darting between stagnant comedy, dramatic interludes and a mildly redundant set of characters, The Zombie King never really finds its footing. Then again I've seen much worse independent horror get a lot more in the way of publicity than the Zombie King currently has. Films like Colin, Zombie Women of Satan and The Zombie Diaries all made their way round the festival circuit somehow peddling themselves as some super movie when The Zombie King despite its flaws has each one beaten hands down. It's not good, it's not great, it's just another zombie movie!

It's the little blessings such as Anabel Barnston and Seb Castang that make The Zombie King bearable. Actors like Jon Campling channel Frank Gallagher from Shameless in his portrayal of a drunk priest who seems to know everything this group needs to know about putting an end to this unholy pact, then you have Michael Gamarano who plays a parking warden with little to no acting ability at all. Put alongside Feldman, Furlong, Evans, Castang and McCluskey who all seem to treat the movie as a serious project, when they're placed in scenes with characters like the warden and the priest, the content seems to mesh and fight with itself as one half portrays seemingly over the top awful comedy and the rest treat the situation as though it is the last night on earth. (Unrelated musical interlude!!!)

It's a worthy start for this group but the balance in casting makes The Zombie King feel like an uphill battle with writers who thought more about their characters than the ever shrinking world that surrounded them. With a supporting cast who didn't have a clue including the cleaner from Mama Mia who was given some truly weirdly vulgar lines to say... The Zombie King doesn't fail entirely it just fails to find itself and in doing so will struggle to find anything beyond the niche market that it caters for.

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