While it is debatable that expectations were already low for a motion picture based on those fun digital icons we all love so much, The Emoji Movie is officially the worst reviewed film of the year. On its release day last week, The Emoji Movie scored a perfect 0% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, it has since risen to 6% so technically speaking it has matched the same low score as belated horror sequel Rings.

Sony continues to struggle with their animated releases and has yet to score a significant hit since 2015's Hotel Transylvania 2. Smurfs: The Lost Village failed to recapture the box office success of the previous two live-action adaptations, but made just enough ($196 million) for Direct To DVD sequels to be a possibility. Then there's The Angry Birds Movie, another low point in the cinematic history books, the world's first film based on an app grossed $350 million globally, and a sequel is on the way.

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The universal hatred for The Emoji Movie will undoubtedly hinder its long-term box office potential, but it managed to come in first place on Friday in the US with more than $10 million. On track for an opening weekend of $25-$27million, The Emoji Movie may prove to be profitable considering its modest $50 million budget. If a sequel to the forgotten 2014 animated film The Nut Job can be willed into existence, I won't be at all surprised when The Emoji Movie 2 arrives.

Credit where credit is due, Patrick Stewart voicing the Poop Emoji is a nice touch, but along with T.J Miller, Anna Faris, James Corden and Maya Rudolph, Stewart'stalents arewasted on the subpar material. Even Pixar couldn't inject any warmth into this soulless venture that's void of imagination.Regardless of The Emoji Movie's box office prospects, Sony has scored themselves a bonafide hit with Spider-Man: Homecoming. At the time of writing, Homecoming has amassed almost $600 million worldwide and has yet to surpass The Amazing Spider-Man or the poorly received sequel.

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