Retro games are coming back. We miss the look and the feel of just enjoying a game. Remember when DOOM looked flat and pixilated? It was fun because it was new and looked different but there's gamers out there who want those days back. They want the innovation and simplicity of yester year because us grown ups, sometimes we just don't have the time to invest in a game that will take up 30 - 100 hours of our life no matter how good they may be.

STRAFE heads to PCs on March 28 and promises to mix nostalgia with some tough and exhilarating FPS gameplay. It's a strange one and while there are screenshots out there, this announcement trailer sure is something different from the norm.

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STRAFE® has amazing bleeding edge features such as:

  • Endless levels! Every game load creates a unique and new level with billions of possibilities!
  • 100% Virtualised "real" environments
  • ÜBER-GORE ® Tech
  • BLAZING Fast gameplay and responsive controls
  • Realtime first person upright biped simulation
  • Full-Featured 3d projection matrices
  • Unsigned 32 bit colours!
  • Coloured lighting!
  • Ultra large resolutions with a unique 16:9 screen ratio
  • Digital Gravity
  • Multidemention poliginal meshes derived from over a thousand unique vertices's

STRAFE® is for hardcore players. It is not recommended for children.

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