For you anime fans out there I thought it would be worthwhile giving you a little list of exciting NEW anime to look out for this Spring. While there are many second seasons coming back, I thought I would look at some fresh anime and see what we have in store. I have tried not to be biased and think that I have given you a nice little cross section of some of the anime you can prepare yourself for. If you are looking for a great full list then go check out

1. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

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When monsters take over an industrial world the people

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri

must take shelter or die. As intense as that sounds it really sets up an epic adventure. The only way to kill these monsters is to shoot them in their protected heart. When Ikoma, a boy creates a weapon  that will kill the monsters he sets off to kill the dreaded creatures.

2. Kiznaizer

If you are looking for an anime that will hit you right in the 'feels' then Kiznaizer has to be it. The anime revolves around a high school club that accepts people who are 'wounded'. By having emotional wounds the group share each others pain literally . It's like one large psychology group , but except deep issues and personalities that don't gel . 

3. Kagewani : Shou

This really looks like one of those dark and intense ones that you can't help but watch . Sousuke Banba is a scientist who must figure out why monsters are attacking people. Sounds really simple but the trailer looks very dark and harrowing . There is real suspense and with all the dark panic it may be a great one to watch .

4.  HighSchool fleet 

This cute anime follows a group of girls who have taken on jobs to protect the ocean. They call themselves The Blue Mermaids.  But before you can be a Blue Mermaid you must work your way up the ranks. So....basically this is an anime about high school girls who care for the ocean . Environmentalists for the win?


Highschool Fleet

 5.  Endride

Shun Asanaga is a 15-year-old boy who touches a magic crystal that transports him to a different world. He must not only try and return to his own world and help his new ' otherworldly friend' get revenge and take his place on the throne. This anime looks like it will combine all the action sequences we have come to love of good anime teamed up with comedy  

Some of these titles look exciting and while I am not a  slice- of- life kind of girl I may give that Blue Mermaid one a try . You know , because I have always wanted to be a mermaid and this is the closest I may get to saving the sea. Are there any animes you are excited about this Spring/ Summer season.

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Sofia Viruly is a devourer of all things science fiction. She likes to think of herself as a mermaid when in fact she is a very disorganized high school English teacher who drinks too much tea. 

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