Like most children of the 90's I grew up with cartoons. Dark Wing Duck, Animaniacs, Batman, Spiderman et all were what entertained and informed my world view growing up. Then in 1994 the game changed with Reboot. Rather than the 2D animated style of other shows Reboot was fully computer generated. The adventures of Bob, Dot and Enzo against the virus's Megabyte and Hexadecimal all while trying to survive the destructive games of the godlike User.

Last night (March 28th) YTV's official Twitter sent out the above imageĀ and got LAMBLASTED.

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Looking at the first almost 400 replies and retweets it became apparent that whomever was behind this erred, and badly.

The show will apparently follow 4 teens who are amazing MMO players and are chosen to become Guardians of Cyber Space. The show will follow a live action format in their day to day lives for our heroes and then will switch to CGI for the action in Cyberspace.

It's days like this I wish I had invested in the Pitchfork market because YTV and the production team are being torn apart online for missing the point and attraction of the source material by such a massively wide degree. Some of the kindest comments have been calls to boycott "Power Rangers on a motherboard" to say nothing of the sheer number of websites and comments claiming that this all proves that nothing is sacred.

Thing is, this show could work with a simple name change. A show mixing live action drama into the heroics of 3d animated cyber space already existed in the 90's It was called Super Hero Samurai: Cyber Squad and it appears to have been remade but under the name Reboot because the original title was a mouthful.

The enraging part is that none of this has to have happened this way. Samurai Jack came back with much of the same production team and maintained its original aesthetic. The writing and style is back where it was when we left it and even the story picked up decades after it was left in the last episode. Look at the fan reaction. Look at the heaps of love and praise and viewers. A beloved franchise was brought back to take up where it left off and it's been brilliant. The same is true of Futurama's return. We only got to enjoy it for a few more seasons but it was still just as wonderful as we remembered it once being. Don't even get me started on Deadpool. Hell this franchise did it with the success of the films Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs.

Over and over again we have seen proof that if you show respect to the source material of a remake or adaptation the very fans you are selling to will reward you for your efforts. The creators of Reboot are still around, I interviewed one of them at FanExpo 3 years ago, and they set up the perfect launch point for the new series with Megabyte hunting our heroes through the Core of Mainframe.

And THIS is what we were given? That's just sad.

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