Following Ridley Scott's comments last month that Neil Blomkamp's Alien 5 was unlikely to happen, Blomkamp has confirmed to The Verge that the project is "totally dead".

"I think it's totally dead, yes. That would be an accurate assumption at this point. It's sad. I spent a long time working on that, and I feel like it was really pretty awesome. But politically, the way it's gone now, and the way that it all is, it's just not going to live.

Ridley [Scott] was one of my idols growing up. He's so talented and he's made this film that really set me off in a direction. I want to just be as respectful and not go stamping around in this world that he created. I think that if the circumstances were different, and I didn't feel like I was getting too close to something that he obviously feels a massive personal connection to, that things that may have played out differently. But I did want to be as respectful as possible."

Blomkamp's vision for Alien 5 would have seen Sigourney Weaver return as Ellen Ripley alongside her Aliens co-star Michael Biehn who would reprise his role is Corporal Hicks. The early artwork was enough for 20th Century Fox to proceed with Blomkamp's sequel, but Ridley Scott wanted to complete his prequel series before any sequels were produced.

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In many ways, I'm surprised that Fox isn't pushing ahead with Alien 5 considering the mixed reception to Scott's Covenant. The return of Weaver and Biehn (and jettisoning both Alien 3 and Ressurection from the canon) would be something even the most jaded of Alien fans would turn up to see. Then again, after only managing to generate $175 million thus far, the tepid response to Covenant does suggest that the franchise might need a rest.

Neil Blomkamp recently released the first trailer for his new experimental venture Oats Studios. Returning to his background in short films, Oats Studios will be releasing experimental short films on Steam Games later this year.

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