The good news is here! It seems that Marvel has finally made their casting choices for the lead roles for their Cloak and Dagger TV show. The show is all set to air in fall 2018 in ABC's Youth-Skewed network, and it has already been announced that Joe Pokaski will act as the showrunner for this TV series. Though Cloak and Dagger are not as popular to people like the Avengers, Spiderman or X-men, for the hardcore comic book readers, these two characters are really very special.

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Cloak and Dagger
Aubrey Joseph & Olivia Holt

How interesting would it be if you could trap your enemies inside dark dimensions or struck them down by hardening the light? Well, dreaming of having these superpowers in real life is a fools dream, but the adventures of Cloak and Dagger will take you to such a world where all these things are possible. According to the comic book history, Cloak a.k.a Tyron "Ty" Johnson is a 17-year-old boy from Massachusetts who fled to New York after having some problem with the local police, and Tandy Bowen or Dagger, fled to New York to get away from her neglecting supermodel mother. The duo first met in New York; though everything did not start off well between the two. After being drugged by a local drug lord they got new superpowers. Cloak found himself getting impeded to darkness whereas Dagger found her ability to manipulate light. Like the opposite poles of magnets attract each other, the duo soon found themselves in love with each other and they became the crime-fighting duo of New York by waging war against the drug curtails in the city. 

Now, this is the general back story of Cloak and Dagger; it remains to be seen what the TV show is going to do with the origin story of the duo. But I am particularly excited to see that they are progressing well with the show and have already made their choice for the name roles. Aubrey Joseph, whom we have already seen in the 2015 film Run All Night has been cast in the role of Cloak whereas the Disney star Olivia Holt has been cast in the role of Dagger. Given the popularity of the showrunner Joe Pokasaki who has already worked in the Daredevil, we can be assured that justice will be done to this comic book show. For now, we will just sit back and wait for 2018 fall to get a look in this upcoming Marvel TV series.

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