Not content with the epic adaptations of J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson, a TV series reboot is being put together in an unprecedented deal. According to Deadline, the Tolkien Estate and Warner Bros TV are looking to find a major network or streaming service to bring The Lord of the Rings to the small screen.

Netflix, Amazon, and HBO have all been approached; however, the Tolkien Estate is seeking an eyewateringupfront rights payment somewhere in the $200-$250 million mark. Considering there's no developed series or talent attached, it's a whole lot of money to part with before a single penny is spent on making the series.`Another potential complication is, as Deadline reports, the deal for the rights "do not encompass all characters and are limited". What that means for a direct adaptation of Lord of the Rings remains unclear, but it's early days in the discussion process, and a deal may not come to pass.

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HBO has reportedly already turned down the offer; they already have a long-running fantasy epic based on a writer with R.R between his first and last name. At the time of writing, Amazon is looking like a strong contender as they've been itching for a fantasy series and it doesn't get much bigger than Middle Earth. Deadline speculates that the budget for each proposed season would be more than $150 million, should Amazon acquire the rights it would be their most significant investment in original content to date.

Rather than revisit Lord of the Rings, I would love to see an adaptation of Tolkien's The Silmarillion and a TV series would be the perfect format for the sprawling story. The Silmarillion charts thousands of years of history of Middle Earth and is less action driven as LOTR or The Hobbit, and is deeply deserving of its own franchise.. Owing to The Tolkien Estate's continued refusal to sell the rights, any adaptation of The Silmarillion will have to remain an impossible dream. More on the Lord of the Rings TV series as it comes in.

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