Kong: Skull Island has knocked Logan off the US number spot with a better than expected $61 million. The second entry in Warner Bros/Legendary's MonsterVerse was well behind the opening of 2014's Godzilla ($93.1 million), but as previous estimates had Kong opening in the low $50 million bracket, the $61 million launch was something of a surprise.

Kong let his presence be felt around the rest of the world with more than $85 million taken at the international box office. Naturally, for a movie with a budget of $185 million, Warner Bros are banking on the big ape having the legs to go the distance. Before Kong and Godzilla go head to head in 2020, Godzilla: King of the Monsters will be unleashed in cinemas March 22, 2019.

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Logan might have slipped one place in the top ten, but after less than two weeks on release, its $441 million worldwide haul already makes it the highest grossing standalone Wolverine movie. While it might be too early to tell, as long as Logan continues to put in maximum effort, Wade Wilson might have some serious competition on his hands for the title of biggest hit in the entire X-Men franchise.

Jordan Peele's low-budget horror Get Out enjoyed another strong weekend in the US with more than $20 million. Produced by Jason Blum (The Purge, Insidious), Get Out has now grossed $113 million in the US alone and is the fastest Blumhouse release to reach $100 million. Get Out will add to its massive US haul when it begins its international rollout on March 17. 

After a month steaming up cinemas everywhere, Fifty Shades Darker has (thus far) failed to match the success of its predecessor and currently has a global tally of $370 million. While there are still a few territories that Darker has yet to be released, there's not much chance that it can muster another $200 million of business. The shortcomings of the poorly received sequel won't prevent the third and final film from hitting cinemas next year, primarily because Fifty Shades Freed was shot back-to-back with Fifty Shades Darker.

Kong: Skull Island is out now.

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