Jigsaw has claimed the top spot at the US box office over Halloween weekend taking a disappointing $16.6 million. The launch for Jigsaw ranks as the second worst opening for a Saw movie across all eight instalments, and it doesn't appear to be the franchise restarter Lionsgate had expected.

Directed by James Wan, the first Saw scared up more than $100 million worldwide against a tiny budget of just $1.2 million. For the next six consecutive Halloweens, a new Saw sequel arrived to up the gore and convolute the story to the point that nobody knows what's going on. Originally titled Saw Legacy and pitched more like a reboot, Jigsaw is regrettably still connected to the previous movies and further muddles the timeline of events. That said, Jigsaw has some unexpected moments of humour and is a better film than many of the low-rent Saw sequels.

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Elsewhere in the US top ten, Boo 2 slipped to second place for a current total of $36 million, by contrast, the first Medea Halloween had grossed $54 million by the same point, a figure that Boo 2 is unlikely to reach before it ends its run. Geostorm added $5.6 million to its domestic tally which currently stands at a lacklustre $24 million. The international box office paints a slightly better picture with more than $110 million taken so far. I still think the producers should have used the reshoots to retool Geostorm into a big budget disaster movie spoof.

Blade Runner 2049 launched in China to an underwhelming $7.6 million, the long-awaited sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve has won rave reviews from critics but has struggled at the box office with a current total of $220 million worldwide. This week sees Thor Ragnorak land in the US after a massive debut in Europe and A Bad Moms Christmas battle it out for the top spot. I think we all know that Thor will emerge as the victor, but those Bad Moms clocked up more than $113 million last year, and the festive sequel offers an alternative to those not interested in superhero movies. That said, I would wholeheartedly recommend Ragnorok to just about anybody as it's the craziest and funniest film of the year.

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