The Collection is out now on DVD in the UK and this exceptionally entertaining horror brings a terrifying new icon of horror back to our screens. The Collector is out for more blood and some macabre additions to his collection.

Josh Stewart returns as Arkin and plaything of The Collector, time has passed and when the opportunity arises Arkin takes his opportunity to escape the clutches of the man that dared to hold him hostage. The only problem is, a group of mercenaries have other plans as The Collector adds a young woman to his house of Macabre possessions and this group want her back.

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Arkin is the only one to have survived The Collector’s clutches and he doesn’t fancy his chances with this group.

boxofficeBUZ was given the chance to talk to Josh Stewart the star of The Collector and The Collection about the film and his career to date.

What prompted you to want to be an actor when you were young? 

I found acting late in life; I was in college studying business and didn’t know what I wanted to do.  Just by chance, my speech teacher from HS called and said a play was going on at the community theatre company.  She was always trying to get me to do plays and stuff but I was too busy playing sports. I decided to do the play and I loved it.  The minute I stepped on-stage, I knew acting was what I wanted to do.

Who inspired you most as an actor?

I grew up watching Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies.  So when I first started getting into acting, I went and watched things like FIGHT CLUB and THE THIN RED LINE.  Malick and Fincher, you know... guys like that.  I realized pretty quickly that acting on-stage was good but movies were different.  There was more scope and so much more you could do on-screen rather than on-stage.  So, I looked to a wide variety of big names in the industry for inspiration.

Are you a horror fan, outside of what you’ve starred in?

I’m more into thrillers and that aspect of the genre rather than horror.  Because I watched John Wayne and Clint, I wasn’t exposed to much horror growing up.  My mother liked Stephen King, so I grew up with things like MISERY.  I never got into movies with blood and guts because I’m basically a wuss (laughs).  That’s what drew me to THE COLLECTOR; it was like a five-round UFC fight, going for the belt.  It’s like who is going to come out on top?  The suspense and tension in the film really stood out to me, and I decided real fast that it was a role for me.

How did you prepare for your role as Arkin in THE COLLECTOR?  What did you do different (if anything) in preparing for THE COLLECTION?

For the first, I didn’t have much time to prepare.  I heard about the film on Wednesday, read for it on Thursday, and found out I got it the same day.  Friday I was on a plane and  Monday, I was on-set.  I holed up for a Saturday and a Sunday in a hotel in Shreveport, trying to make sense of who Arkin was.  I knew where he came from and his background.  Deep down, he’s basically a decent guy, even though he’s robbing someone.  He’s doing it for his family.  I had that and knew his situation was going to be an intense cat-and-mouse game.  So I jumped the mouse-wheel, so to speak, and went on.

For THE COLLECTION, it was very different.  I used to box, so I started working on prep three months before the shoot started.  People don’t know how tough it is and how much you get beat up on-set.  I had a personal trainer.  He worked me out and then beat my torso with a broomstick on my arms, chest, and stomach, just because every day at work you’re constantly hit punched and falling down...the broomstick basically helps to toughen you up.  It keeps your body in a constant state of tension so you look scared.  The scenes were physically exhausting on set, but since I had already played Arkin, I knew him inside and out.

You were really put through hell in THE COLLECTOR.  Did you ever feel intimidated by what you were being asked to do in THE COLLECTION?

NO...I was very prepared and in good shape.  The fire stuff and pyrotechnics bugged me out a little bit, so I was not comfortable.  But the pyro guys were professionals and we, the cast, were not in any danger, but I was really nervous.  It gets very hot in those rooms.  I was gelled up but that’s a good and bad thing:  you don’t feel the heat with it until it’s too late, so it’s just one of those things.

Some reviews of THE COLLECTION have been negative, saying the second film has a different feel to it and is more slasher-style horror than the intense thriller aspect of the first one.  What is your take on this?

This is what I think about critics:  they’re critics and not praisers. When you get into the genre world, people look for ways to pick things apart.  I didn’t realize this until after THE COLLECTOR was released.  I certainly think everyone’s entitled to their opinion.  Acting in a movie is like hanging a piece of art on the wall.  What we (as actors) do is so subjective, it’s going to touch people in different ways.  At the end of the day, when audiences go to watch the movie, are they entertained?  That’s what it’s all about.  Pointing out the bad in things is simply the nature of human beings.  That’s just the way we are today.

Your resume is very diverse, with TV work as well as movies; do you prefer one over the other?  Why?

I don’t prefer one; film is a grander experience, but you can’t beat the consistency of television.  I’m never home when I work, and I’m constantly looking for work.  You can’t ever sit back and wait for roles; but that’s something that TV gets you.  A TV gig is a job for at least 10 months.  And to be honest, TV actually pays better (laughs).

What projects can we look forward to seeing you in, in the future?

I’m glad you asked that.  I just wrote, directed, and acted in HUNTED, a horror-thriller that is coming out soon.  We are in the final stages of post-production.  So, I’ve got that and I’m getting ready to do another movie in a month that I can’t talk about, but it’s big...people will be hearing about that soon and I think they’ll be very excited.

Josh, it was a pleasure...thank you so much for your time. The Collection is out on DVD through eOne Momentum now.

Written by
Matthew Baker

Matthew Baker is a horror and science-fiction buff who reviews movies and books on his website, Shattered Ravings ( He lives in Northwest Arkansas, an area that is (in his opinion) the best place to be during the zombie apocalypse, should it occur. He is a trophy-husband and a stay-at-home dad. In his spare time, Matthew writes fiction and makes short films.

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