After two failed attempts to get a How I Met Your Mother spin-off onto the network, CBS is hoping the third time is the charm as they've brought in new writers to try and make How I Met Your Dad finally happen. Speaking to Deadline, Fox chairman Dana Walden confirmed that the latest attempt wouldn't be using any previously developed material and the as yet unnamed writers will be starting from scratch.

"They will be starting from scratch. It?s one that's been slowly cooked. If it's the right idea the right execution, we'll take that."

I'm using the term spin-off broadly as there has never been a plan to have any of the characters from HIMYM appear in any capacity. In truth, it's more of a spiritual companion series as it's just the concept of a parent telling their children how they met their significant other. The previous attempt came from This Is Us producers Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, however, when they were promoted to co-showrunners they were forced to put their plans for How I Met Your Dad on indefinite hold.

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Earlier this year, Dana Walden teased that a revival of How I Met Your Mother could be on the cards, but only if the series creators were onboard.

"At some point, I would hope we would have the opportunity to reunite those characters and tell new stories if [creators] Craig [Thomas] and Carter [Bays] have the opportunity to do that."

I think most fans of the series would agree that the last season wasn't its finest, but it was the gut punch of a finale that really upset those who had stuck with the show. Season nine might have been 'for the fans', but the showrunners seriously misjudged what fans wanted to see. I would go as far to say that the final episode unpicked years of character development that rendered most the last season pointless. Considering the way season nine wrapped up the series; I'm not sure it would be possible to make new episodes unless it was going to be the gang in their fifties. If that were to transpire, the hypothetical series would need a new title. More on How I Met Your Dad as it develops.

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