Fast and Furious 8 director F. Gary Gray has confirmed to Screen Rant that an extended cut of the movie will be arriving on Home Entertainment and isthirteen minutes longer than the theatrical version.

"I said, "Hey listen, my original was longer. Let's figure out how we can put more action more laughs more character in an extended [version]. And the studio agreed that there was a lot of great stuff that ended up on the floor, so we ended up putting 13 minutes back into the movie. If you watch any of my movies you know I love humor no matter what the genre is, so there's more humor , it's funnier. More Roman, more Lamborghini, more action, more hacked cars, more Cuba, more of some of the kind of the great's action moments. But there's also a few dramatic moments that I got a chance to let breathe a little. There are few between Charlize's character and Vin's character, so I'm really happy that they gave the audience option of watching an extended version. It's a little edgier and funnier, so that's what this cut represents and I hope that everybody gets a chance to see it."

The Fast and Furious franchise has been releasing extended cuts since the fifth instalment hit DVD back in 2011. However, fans expecting a drastically different version or heaps of new footage were left disappointed as the extra stuff was barely noticeable. The previous longest extended cut added two and a half minutes to Furious 7 with some extra dialogue and a few more punches thrown here or there. However, based on Gray's comments, Fast and Furious 8 will offer fans the first director's cut of the franchise.

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For a movie that was heavily criticised for being too long, adding another 13 minutes to the already hefty 136-minute runtime might be off-putting to even the most hardcore of fans. At almost two and a half hours, the Director's Cut will be the longest Fast and Furious movie to date.

Universal has already dated the next two sequels, and they're currently fast-tracking a spin-off that will reunite Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as frenemies Hobbs and Shaw. Fast and Furious veteran Chris Morgan is working on a script, and Universal are keen to get the spin-off into cinemas before Fast 9 launches in 2019.

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