The long-gestating Masters of the Universe reboot has landed a new director in the shape of Man of Steel and Blade writer David S. Goyer.

Sony Pictures drafted Goyer in to rewrite the script when McG (Terminator Salvation) was onboard to direct, and Kellan Lutz was set to play He-Man. However, that version seemingly fell apart when McG quit the movie back in April this year. In the time since McG departed, Goyer as reworked the script and Sony are still aiming for a December 18, 2019, release date.

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Goyer certainly knows his way around comic-book and cartoon characters, his work on Blade, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, and Dark City speak for themselves. For all those great accomplishments there are a plethora of titles we'd all rather forget. Jumper, the David Hasselhoff TV movie Nick Fury (yes, that Nick Fury), Ghost Rider 2, Batman v Superman, and his directorial debut with Blade Trinty to name but a few.

While I have my reservations about Goyer helming a big budget franchise starter, I've never been the biggest fan of Masters of the Universe. I watched the cartoon as a kid and bought the action figures, I even owned a VHS copy of the 1987 movie version that starred Dolph Lundgren. But for all my nostalgia for He-Man and those Masters of the Universe, I'm not going to be hugely upset if Hollywood makes a terrible reboot. If Sony could land somebody like Taika Waititi to direct and go for a tone akin to Thor Ragnarok, now that could be something special. I'm not saying that Goyer isn't capable of making a good He-Man movie but given his track record with dark foreboding characters, are we going to get a gritty and brooding Masters of the Universe?

Only time will tell, so, for now, we'll just have to make do with watching He-Man and Skeletor have the time of their lives in that Money Supermarket commercial.

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