Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast has become the first film of 2017 to gross $1 billion worldwide

It became clear that Bill Condon's lavish adaptation of the beloved animated classic was heading for big things after its opening weekend generated more than $350 million worldwide. While Beauty and the Beast is a long way off The Force Awakens record of reaching $1 billion in just twelves days, it is officially the highest grossing musical of all time.  

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Last year, Disney dominated the global box office as all four movies that grossed $1 billion (Civil War, Rogue One, Finding Dory and Zootopia) came out of the Mouse House. This year, there are not shortage of movies that have the potential to reach the sought after milestone, but in the film business, there are no such thing as guarantees. Unless it's Star Wars.

Following its global launch of more than $500 million, Fast and Furious 8 is a shoe-in to join the club. The Minions scored Illumination their first $1 billion hit back in 2015, and this summer's Despicable Me 3 is likely to repeat that success. Michael Bay directs his (allegedly) final Transformers sequel with The Last Knight, as the last two Transformers movies made $1 billion, there's every reason to expect the fifth instalment to do the same. 

Warner Bros were banking on last year's Batman v Superman being a billion dollar blockbuster, well, they kinda of needed it to be as they spent a whole lot of money on this superhero cheat sheet. Thus far, all the movies in the DC/Warner Bros Universe have divided fans and critics alike, they've yet to lose money on a project, but Dawn of Justice was far from the success the studio wanted. In short, a lot is riding on Justice League making at least $1 billion, but that doesn't mean it will.

After six years away at sea, Captain Jack Sparrow is back for what might be his last adventure in Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It didn't seem to matter that the previous sequel (On Stranger Tides) got savaged by critics,  the film still managed to gross $1 billion worldwide. It's fair to say that Johnny Depp is no longer the box office draw he used to be, but the early world is that Dead Men Tell No Tales is a return to form for the fourteen-year-old franchise. In addition to a new Pirates sequel, both Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Star Wars The Last Jedi are looking like surefire $1 billion hits for Disney.  

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