Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz announced on Twitter that a "remixed" cut of season four would be arriving on Netflix this week.

Netflix revived the cult sitcom back in 2014 to a mixed response from the fans. The busy schedules of the cast became problematic for Hurwitz to assemble all the Bluths at the same time. In place of a full-blown reunion for all fifteen episodes, we got intertwined stories and noticeable green screen to bring characters together. Hurwitz is aiming to change that with what he's calling Arrested Development Season 4 Remix: Fateful Consequences. Here's his full statement;

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During its original network run, Arrested Development's average episode running time was about 22 minutes, but that jumped to 30-40 minutes a piece for the Netflix revival. A return to shorter episode running times and a chronological reordering might go some way to fixing season four's structural issues. However, it was the lack of all the Bluth's interaction that was the key problem for me, and I'm unsure if a remix can change that. All 22 episodes of the recut season four will be available on Netflix Friday, May 4.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited fifth season is currently filming, and Hurtwitz hinted that it would be ready to stream "real soon". Netflix has a habit of just dropping whole seasons of shows with little to no notice, so that "real soon" could be anytime starting now.

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