Video games are the talk of the town now! Whether you're a teenager or someone in his or her 30's or 40's you must agree with me that these games attract you a lot. And above that if it's about the action games then a rather very strong feeling of excitement works in you. Moreover, the best part is that you can even buy such games at an affordable rate nowadays. For example, you can browse through CouponsMonk to explore various lucrative coupons available in various high-tech game selling technology stores of the US.

Now, without much ado, let's go ahead and know about five such surprising games which got recently launched in 2017 and can certainly get you goosebumps whenever you play.

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Gravity Rush 2

It is one of the most exciting and second installments in the Playstation-exclusive action series. The game starts with a girl Kat who can control gravity powers and spend most of her time flying through the air. You can choose different kinds of gravity styles as per your choice which will further alter Kat's speed, jump height and strength to attack. There are also some more exciting features of the game. So, all in all it is one of the fastest and smartest video games of 2017.


This game will take back you to that time when there was Sengoku period going on in Japan and protagonist William was hunting down it's nemesis. The cast of the game is colorful with the journey flowing down between lighthearted and dramatic tones. Moreover, the Ki system allows the prominent focus to get settled on your character's stamina. This game offers you hours of adventure and enthusiasm.

For Honor

This game turned out to be the year's unique action titles. It puts it's main focus on one-on-one melee duels. It is having a vastbattlefieldd with the large areas completely filled up with checkpoints and tiny soldiers who are battling for control. The main aim of the game is to read your opponent player to the best of your ability further allowing their habits and slight tells to get included into considerations. This game is further an extremely intense game which provides you with an intelligent method of customization.

Crackdown 3

It is yet another most popular action game of 2017 which created immense buzz among the people of all age group. This game was developed by Reagent games which is the open-world city-based action romp which has made a record of visualizing most authentically destructible environments that anyone has ever seen in a game. The reason behind such an exciting feature lies in the fact that it has a stupendous cloud-based physics engine.

Horizon: Zero dawn

It is one of the most popular mainstream console titles of the year. In this game you can see the nomadic hunter Aloy is having a battle against the huge robot dinosaurs for survival. This game is fully supported by 4K and HDR extras of PS4 pro. Overall, this game is having a spectacular visual experience as well extremely adventurous.

So, if you're an yet another video game lover and you've not explored the aforementioned games yet then make the right move soon and play these so that you can take amount of adventure and excitement to the next level.

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