The reboot of The Crow will finally take flight and begin production in January with Jason Momoa as avenging angel Eric Draven. Momoa was first linked to the role last month, and talks with the studio clearly went well as Momoa has all but signed on the dotted line. 

After years trapped in development hell, The Crow was dealt another setback and was caught up in Relativity's Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and briefly lost director Corin Hardy. Once Relativity emerged from bankruptcy, The Crow got back on track and Hardy returned to the project. The new version is said to be more faithful to James O’Barr’s source material than the original film, but regardless of its good intentions, the reboot has divided opinion amongst the hardcore fans. 

Based on the comic-book by James O’Barr’s, The Crow is the tragic tale of rising rock star Eric Draven who is brought back from the dead for vengeance one year after he and his girlfriend were violently murdered. Brandon Lee starred as Draven in the original 1994 movie from director  Alex Proyas, the role would be Lee's final performance as the young actor died as a result of an on-set stunt that went horribly wrong. 

Since the release of The Crow, three sequels were produced and a short-lived TV series reboot (Stairway To Heaven), none of which recaptured the tone or style of the original and a remake has been in development for almost a decade. While there's no reason to doubt that The Crow will commence production in January, after so many false starts we should take this announcement with a grain or two of sodium chloride. 

Momoa will get started on The Crow once he has finished work on Warner Bros' Justice League. Aquaman's brief introduction in Batman vs. Superman was hardly worthy of the King of Atlantis, but the trailer for Justice League showcases Aquaman as a moody whiskey swigging badass. I know it might be unpopular to say something vaguely positive about the current DC crop of movies, but Justice League does at least look like it could maybe be fun. Then again, we were all fooled by the Suicide Squad trailers.

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