The critically battered Suicide Squad held onto the US number one spot over the weekend adding an estimated $43.7 million to its domestic total. The latest entry in the DC movie universe isn’t having the positive word of mouth that Warner Bros were banking on, but despite all the negativity the Squad has currently grossed a respectable $465 million worldwide. 

Costing at least $75 million less to produce than Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad does stand a chance of making a modest profit, but the backlash will be making Warner Bros executives incredibly nervous about Justice League and the rest of the DC slate. Fingers crossed the Wonder Woman movie lives up to the trailer, a task that Suicide Squad couldn’t deliver despite its early promise. 

Elsewhere in the US top ten, Seth Rogen’s R-Rated animated comedy finally answers the question of what does sentient food gets up to when we’re not around? Sausage Party came in second place with an estimated $33.6 million and features the voices of Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Paul Rudd and Kristen Wiig. Ordinarily, an opening weekend of this size for an animated movie would be a disaster, but Sausage Party was produced for just $19 million so its modest launch should be viewed as a big win.  

Disney has scored some big hits this year with Zootopia, Captain America: Civil War and Finding Dory, but its live-action offerings have struggled to find an audience. Last month, legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg’s first ever motion picture for Disney The BFG opened to a paltry $18.7 million. The live-action remake of Pete’s Dragon fared slightly better than The BFG and took third place with $21.5 million. Both The BFG and Pete’s Dragon are love letters to the type of live-action films Disney used to make, and their like have been absent from cinemas for far too long. It’s a crying shame that their box office shortcomings might cause another prolonged absence.

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