Despite its shortcomings, Pokemon Go has managed to reach unprecedented success over a short time, leapfrogging over Candy Crush Saga as the mobile app with the most number of daily active users. The barrage of users predictably caused Niantic – the developers – to scramble early on, which was apparent in their server issues. The game is still in its infancy, though, so don’t expect its rough edges to be smoothed out immediately. But to let you know that they’re trying their hardest to make things better, Niantic recently updated the game.

One of the more noteworthy things in the update is the ability to change your avatar’s looks anytime in the game. So, if you think the blue hair you initially chose is so out of style, you can easily change it. Another thing is the removal of the game’s tracking feature, which was heavily criticized. The update, however, also brought an unintended effect that players may be experiencing now: the spike in difficulty when catching Pokemon. The cute and cuddly creatures – except Grimer and Muk because they’re gross – are evading Pokeballs more successfully than before. That means you’ll be consuming a lot more of those damn Pokeballs, which is not fun simply because they’re hard to come by unless you have a lot of Pokecoins to spend.

And until just recently, players had no idea whether the change was a real, well, change. There was no mention of it in the update log. Niantic, however, cleared things up by posting on Twitter that there is indeed a bug that’s affecting your chances of catching the Dragonite you’ve been hunting for days. They did not provide any further details other than they are “working on a fix” and to “stay tuned”, which roughly translates to “sit your ass down, we got this”. Or maybe something close to it.

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