If you ever need another incentive to play Pokemon Go aside from catching ‘em all, there is now a dating app that specifically caters to people who play the game. PokeDates is a dating app that allows Pokemon Go players to potentially find the love of their lives by setting them up on dates at a PokeStop or Gym. The app uses information regarding your Pokemon preferences to find matches, which charges you with a grand total of zero dollars on your first try and then $20 for all subsequent attempts.

In case your meet-up left you with a sense that you should have headed to the park to catch a rare Pokemon instead (read: a bad date), you will be given the chance to get your money back. (If only it worked that way on real dates, too, where the restaurant returns your money if your evening didn’t go as you had hoped.) The “awesomeness guarantee”, as the app’s website calls it, requires you to simply send an e-mail so you can have your bitter refund.

The PokeDates app is just one example of people looking to cash in on the unprecedented success of Niantic Labs’ mobile game, which, by the way, just overtook Candy Crush Saga as the mobile game with the most number of daily active players. And it’s even more amazing when you consider the fact that Nintendo didn’t even have a direct involvement in the game. PokeDates, which comes with the witty tagline “gotta catch ‘em all, together”, is currently available in the US, with a Canada release on the way. Things will get really, really interesting once Pokemon Go allows players to battle each other anytime, anywhere. It will present players with a difficult choice every time they go out: find their potential future husband/wife or find someone to show an up-close and personal look at their overpowered Gyarados a.k.a. beat the crap out of someone’s Pokemon.

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