Are you ready for a "sexy contemporary take on Oliver Twist"? Are you confused by that sentence? If the answer is yes to either of those questions, then you'll be pleased/troubled to learn that NBC is developing a new version of the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist with

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Twist comes from Lionsgate and action movie producer Joel Silver (Sherlock Holmes) and will recast the iconic child orphan as a 20 something woman. If you're hungry for more details, then you're in luck as THR also got their hands on the official logline. 

"A sexy contemporary take on Oliver Twist with a struggling 20-something female (Twist) who finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals."

NBC has committed to a pilot episode for the procedural drama with the minds behind The Fruit Ninja Movie (Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin) writing the script. The logline suggests a show like Leverage, Hustle mixed with a dash of Burn Notice, all of which are perfectly enjoyable shows, but none of them are based on the book by one of the most celebrated writers of all time. 

NBC's Twist isn't the first time in recent times that a TV adaptation tried something different. Towards the end of 2015, the BBC launched Dickensian from creator Tony Jordan, a Marvel-style shared universe for a plethora of Dickens' beloved (and loathed) characters. An ambitious project that spanned 20 episodes couldn't maintain audiences great expectations and wasn't renewed for a second run. 

The search is now on to find a suitable 20 something actress to portray Twist, and we should expect to see the likes of The Artful Dodger and Fagin reimagined for the modern world.

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