To celebrate this weeks release of the hit TV show Gomorrah season 2 on DVD and Blu-ray, Box Office Buz had the opportunity to sit down with star Cristiana Dell’Anna to discuss the series and some fun aspects of what she's currently into and perhaps you should be looking at too.

Q: What is Gomorrah, for anyone who hasn't seen the show, how would you sell it to a friend or family member to get them to watch?

A: Gomorrah isn’t just an imaginary tale, it contains elements of contemporary true facts, and its characters are inspired by true people. All combined with gripping and ‘raw’ drama of which you will want more. It’ll show you how the third scariest organised crime in the world works, and you will see through it. You will understand it isn’t a local business, but rather global and closer to each one of us than we know.

Q: Your character is new to season 2, how would you describe her in your own words as the actress playing the part?

​A: Patrizia Santoro is a new key character, being the only one allowed into Don Pietro’s hiding place. As a fugitive who still needs to be in command, Don Pietro needs someone he can trust to send messages out to his men and get reports from the outside world. She is above suspicion, she’s a woman, very smart, brave and capable of scheming, perfect for the role. I have strongly imagined her as a Shakespearean character, capable of the most unconditioned and greatest act of love as well as the darkest act of evil.

Q: So she's an independent woman on hard times? Gomorrah is a gritty thriller with a lot of heart, were there any points during filming or in the script that you thought you couldn't do or you would have to face personal demons to get the job done?

A: She’s sacrificed everything for her two sisters and brother, while growing up herself without parents and in a society that gives not many alternatives. The young living in the decayed and forgotten outskirts of cities like Naples, like London even, need alternatives to being ghettoised. To understand Patrizia, I have worked on a strong sense of dissatisfaction that I felt so many times as a teenager. It scared me, because it clearly means no one is immune and if our feelings are planted in the wrong soil they will produce bad fruit. It’s too hard for me to speak about how much the choices Patrizia makes may have affected me in some way…we would go down a very private route that an actor, or simply I, can hardly share. That’s true for every character I play, not only Patrizia. I can only say the whole filming experience meant a great deal for me, professionally and humanly.

Q: What was the casting process like for the show? How did you get the role of Patricia?

A: Oh well, I auditioned for season 1 and didn't get the part, which was a minor role. Thank goodness! I had to do six auditions for season 2. It was a long and nerve-racking process, because I knew I was her from the beginning and I would have never watched Gomorrah again if they had chosen someone else for the role… Luckily I can still enjoy the show!

Q: Gomorrah has been critically acclaimed worldwide, audiences from other territories have embraced the show, were you aware of the show's success before taking on the role?

A: I was and I wasn’t. I knew how successful it was but until it hit me, I didn't realise the impact it actually had on people around the world. And it’s still growing!

Q: On set who would you say is The prankster?
A: Fabio De Caro (Malammore) and me… We are the worst on set, when put together.

Q: The one everyone goes to for advice?
A: I personally talk to Marco D’Amore, we’re very good friends.

Q: The one who tells the best jokes?
A: Fabio De Caro, no doubt.

Q: The one ready to step in when things get tough?
A: Marco D’Amore, but I would do the same too.

Q: The best friend?
A: Hard to answer this one… we’re all so close.  We’re one big best-friend-team!

Q: What's next for you after Gomorrah?

A: I’m shooting a film, a comedy, which will be out in Christmas in Italy. And later this year there’s Gomorrah 3… But I would love to come back to work in the UK!

With Gomorrah Season 2 out now, what does Cristiana think of some quickfire hits? Check below to find out about literature, iconic roles and inspirations in our quick fire round.

Q: Book you're currently reading?
A: Napolislam by Ernesto Pagano

Q: Album/song you're currently playing nonstop? 
A: Nina Simone - Four Women

Q: Favourite Film of all time?  
A: On Golden Pond

Q: Film you want to see next?
A: The next Wes Anderson film, whatever that might be. I love his work.

Q: Favourite stage play or musical?
A: Double Sentence (Definitely Theatre, saw it at the Soho theatre years ago)

Q: The iconic role you would like to play if ever there were a remake?
A: Cleopatra. 

Q: Superhero or super villain? What would your origin story be and what would your power be?
A: I’d be Batman!! Only with breasts… Same origin story probably, turning your fears into your power source. But I would also have the power of “Super-Intelligence”, a sort of ability to understand everything better and quicker than the bad guys.

Q: As a kid who did you look up to most?
A: My mum and dad. They are my heroes.

Q: What's the best advice you've ever been given?
A: My mum once taught me Carlos Castaneda’s words: “A path is only a path and there is no affront, to oneself or to others, in dropping it if that is what your heart tells you… Look at every path closely and deliberately. Try it as many times as you think necessary. Then ask yourself alone one question… Does this path have a heart? If it does the path is good; if it doesn't it is of no use”

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