Idris Elba may be back in his jacket and detective mode for a possible Season 5 of Luther.The show which is aired on BBC and Elba won himself a BAFTA for his performance. I have watched all four seasons and have roped everyone I know into watching the detective show.  It is full of thrilling twists and turns and the murders while grisly they are ingenious. They show which first aired in 2010 has captivated audiences. Season 5 has been hinted at by both Elba and other cast members. Neil Cross writes Luther, and we can only hope that he will pick up the pen again.

Season 4 of Luther had only two episodes which left fans hanging for more. Elba, in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, said that 

“All I can tell you is that there has been some thought,.The great thing about ‘Luther’ is that you never know what may or may not happen next. I think that’s part of its appeal.

 There has also been talk about a stand alone movie of the TV show. There are no confirmed reportings on this but can I please ask my lucky stars for this to be a real thing.  The show has won many awards, and we can only hope that Season 5 will follow the foot steps of the four previous enthralling seasons. Many critics and fans saw Season 4 ( with its two episodes) as nothing more than a teaser for an upcoming movie than an actual season. So, either way, we can hope for a movie or 5th seasons . That is what I call a win-win- situation.

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