Get ready to Time Warp again this 20th of October. FOX has confirmed that they will air their remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show just in time for Haloween. The cast of the new feature is all new except for one familiar face. Tim Curry will return as the narrator of the " double feature".  Curry, who suffered a stroke back in 2012 has not been a big fan of endorsing remakes of his iconic movie. However, this one does get his stamp of approval. Which, for fans and the cast must be an enormous thumbs up.

This new film has an impressive cast and some great singers. In the leading role of the charming Frank-N-Furter is Laverne Cox ( Orange is The New Black), Adam Lavigne plays the spunky Eddie and in the role of my favourite character Riff Raff is Reeve Carney ( Penny Dreadful). The cast has some powerful singers, and we can hope that the songs won't be totally mashed up into something "poppy" and sweet.

Executive producer and choreographer Kenny Ortega seems to be happy with the choices in the cast and thinks that Cox is a force to be reconded with. Cox is a transgender actress and appears to have fit the part to a tee. Ortega commented in his interview with Variety that Cox was key to the remake of the show. 

“Walking in and bringing something into the room that made us realize there was no B plan…We knew it from the beginning that this was the person. It gave us reason to make this movie again. A big part was Laverne Cox.”

The show will be aired in October, and I think that if marketed well could be a hit. I wonder how the show will be broadcast in primetime as it is not exactly 'child-friendly'. Sure the tunes may be infectious, but I remember being a little shell shocked watching it as a teen at a sleepover.  If, as Ortega says the remake has a lot to do with Cox and her bigger than life personality.

So, get ready to Timewarp again with all the tunes that The Rocky Horror Picture Show has made unforgettable. Because DAMMIT JANET I LOVE YOU! 

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Sofia Viruly is a devourer of all things science fiction. She likes to think of herself as a mermaid when in fact she is a very disorganized high school English teacher who drinks too much tea. 

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