Fallout Shelter, Bethesda’s first entry in the mobile gaming market, is about to get a major boost from the giant in the east. Partnering with local publisher Shanda Games Ltd, the Fallout 4 publisher has just released the hit simulation game in China, marking the first time that Bethesda has joined forces with a China-based publisher to release a game on their shores.

The free-to-play game, as of this writing, is only available for the iOS, however. So fans that play on Android devices and on the PC will have to wait for further announcement from Bethesda on when the game will fall on their laps, assuming they do plan on making it available on both platforms similar to the North American release. It also remains to be seen whether the China release had changes or modifications (read: censorships) to the game to fit its certification rules.

Fallout Shelter has more than 50 million registered players, which will be (presumably) ramped up by Chinese gamers. The release comes just in time for them, as Bethesda has just recently padded the game with update 1.6 that allows players to explore places, among other features, from their other hit title Fallout 4 (you might have heard of the game).

China has proven that it houses quite a large number of gamers, if the Chinese box office returns of Duncan Jones’ film Warcraft, adapted from the video game franchise of the same name, is any indication. Why is that any indication? Well, who else would watch a film based on a video game franchise other than people who are familiar with it? While the Warcraft franchise is no doubt extremely successful, both critically and financially, it isn’t exactly household name for non-gamers, like Angry Birds, for example.

Fallout Shelter, while still a part of the Fallout series, features a different gameplay than its action-RPG siblings. Its gameplay simply revolves around managing a Vault and the citizens that inhabit it. Despite criticisms for lacking depth, the game mostly received positive reviews.

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