Hasbro has finally found a new home for its long-gestating reboot of Clue, 20th Century Fox is now going to put the project together and is in the early stages of putting a new script together. Universal was initially developing a remake as part of their exclusive deal to make movies based on Hasbro games; those plans were abandoned in 2011 leaving Hasbro searching for a new studio.

Next to The Lego Movie, the best film adaptation of a game (or toy) is unquestionably Jonathan Lynn’s 1985 motion picture Clue. Based on the board game Cluedo, the big screen take was a satisfying mix of screwball comedy and Agatha Christie mystery. Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, and Madeline Kahn led the cast and despite being a box office flop, Clue enjoyed huge success when it arrived on VHS. 

The stately home charms of the original won’t be making an appearance in the remake, according to The Tracking Board the plan is to make the new Clue more of a “worldwide mystery”. The change of pace will also offer “action-adventure elements” and Fox envisions this as the first part of a “possible franchise.” A globe-trotting mystery adventure movie sounds closer to the likes of The Mummy or National Treasure, and completely not what you'd expect from an adaptation of Cluedo. 

I say this as somebody that watched Clue so regularly that my siblings threatened to burn my beloved VHS copy, the idea for a Clue franchise sounds immediately unappealing. Usually, I try to be open-minded about remakes as there have been some impressive updates of cinematic classics, but I'm struggling to get behind this one. Studio executives seem fixated on franchises and connected universes that sometimes they forget to forge a strong foundation to build on.

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