James Cameron is on it again. While we already know that there are a few more Avatar films in the works, there is also a theme park. Well, no so much a stand alone thing as a park within the Disney world. Entitled Pandora: The World of Avatar the park will open in Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida. The opening date is set for next year, but we already have wind that details will be shared as soon as November of this year. James Cameron and a group of Disney Imagineers will be working on the project.

Avatar has always been a strange blockbuster. Sure, it made millions, but it left a non-existent stamp on pop culture. There are no Avatar fan clubs, and there is very little interest in the films and its planned successors. This theme park aims to amp up the excitement around the movie. There is very little information about the theme park but as of November, we will know more about the plans and the vision. There will also be a Jungle Book themed park as well as a revamped Pirates of the Carribean. All the details of the upcoming parks happen at Disneys D23 ( a conference like event) that brings together all the plans for the park. Some early images of what the park 'could ' be like have been released and because I am kind I have included them below:


So, there you have it . Disney fans and Avatar fans can get excited about a new addition to the Florida theme park. More information will be published on here as soon as the details come out.

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