Many of us have not seen Anna Paquin on TV since the end of True Blood. Well, she is set to be back on our screens and being a fan, I do think she is much missed.  Paquin will return as Nancy Montgomery in a Netflix retelling of Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace. Netflix has teamed up with CBS to produce the six-hour feature. The series is set to follow the story as Atwood wrote it. It follows the story of Grace Marks, an immigrant who is accused of killing her employer in 1843. Being a lover of anything period series I know that I will be tuned into this. Paquin is not the only TrueBlood cast member to be cast on the show. She joins Sarah Gadon and Zachary Levi in the feature.

The Cover of Margret Atwood's Grace Alias

Alias Grace is set to start shooting this month, and there is a big name taking the directing wheel. Mary Harron ( American Pycho and I Shot Andy Warhol). Paquin's work is highly anticipated in the series, and producer, Sarah Polley says that 

Anna is an incredibly versatile performer who always makes complex, unpredictable and fascinating choices in her work. It's always a marvel to watch her and we're thrilled to have her join the cast,"

So, while there may not be a lot of information regarding the series, there seems to be an Atwood trend at the moment. There is a rumour that there is also a Handmaiden's Tale in the works. Paquin has acted in some big blockbusters since True Blood, but this role will give her a chance to flex her TV acting skills. Alias Grace is based on a true story, and there are many books written on the infamous case of Grace Marks.

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