It is not every day that a rapper decides that he wants to produce and write the pilot to a NEW superhero TV series. 50 cents ( real name Curtis Jackson ) has teamed up with Starz to bring us a new superhero TV show. Are we excited? Well, we don't know much about it, but we do know the name of the project and what it will be about. 

Entitled Tomorrow, Today the show is being produced by 50 cents, and he has compiled a team together that could give us something worth watching. Director Anthony Cipriano ( Bates Motel) has been tied to the show and from what we know about the project it looks to be something exciting. Tomorrow Today will follow a veteran from Chicago who is falsely imprisoned. In prison, he finds himself a  lab rat to a crazy prison doctor who is hell bent on creating ' the perfect human '. We may have all seen the plot before, and while it may not be anything too new and exciting, it may offer something regarding TV entertainment. I do hope that it is grungy and dark and with Cipriano on the project we may get just that .50 cents wrote the script and was the one who contacted the network. He said that 

 “This is a project I’ve been working on for some time…It’s exciting to watch how people respond to the material because they hadn’t seen me as a writer.”

I guess that rap stars do have a way of telling stories, maybe not just the stories that we see on prime time TV. Tomorrow, Today does not have a release date yet, but it does look like a project with a promising future. So, until we have more information we just have to wait and see.


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